Lime Cream T-shirt

Our Lime Cream is well named; a bright lime with a soft touch of cream. It’s the perfect summery colour, and it goes with all your Little Yogi.

There are many things that bother me in children’s fashion. Even before I was a mom, I wondered why all the sweaters had big lettering, too often stereotyped. “THE GREAT ADVENTURER” vs “PRINCESS FOR LIFE”. Clothes are often too short (Why are kids’ sweaters so short &mdash you always see bellies!) and often too tight. Varied tastes exist, but comfort is not to be discussed!

I will not repeat all the proprieties of our organic bamboo fabrics; let’s just say that they are as good for us as for the planet! For our tops, we worked on a much longer fit, a rounded hem and side slits that let kids move without always having their belly stick out!

Made from 100% organic cotton.

Available in sizes 6-12m, 1-3T and 3-5T.

PLEASE NOTE that Little Yogi will not accept any returns related to shrinkage factor. All patterns have been adjusted accordingly. 

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Isabelle Duval
Taille: Parfait
Qualité du matériel: Exacte

Chandail parfait mon garçon l’adore

Ça nous fait plaisir de te lire Isabelle, merci!!!
Team Little Yogi xx