Grow with me Pants

If you've never tried Little Yogi grow with me pants, this is your chance. Our children clothing line has been designed to last a long time, with style. We are proud to create a range of grow with me pants & baby clothes, made entirely in Canada from organic materials.


Why choose grow with me pants

Our little ones are growing at incredible speed. But sometimes, we don't even have the chance to go through the whole drawer. So many parents today appreciate the practicality of grow with me pants.

They last longer, while making sure your kid is looking great & comfortable. Say good bye to stiff & tight pants. Happy baby, happy mommy.

Simply adjust the waistband and ankles to fit your baby's size & outfit for a total cuteness overload. But we also make those grow with me pants for older kids, actually up to 5 years old.


Grow with me pants: A smart & durable solution

Growing in popularity every year, grow with me pants and taking over the children's clothing market. Little Yogi pants are made with durability in mind. Long lasting children's clothing has to be high quality, this way your little will look great for years to come.

Our grow with me pants are so easy to adjust & fit, you'll be wishing all your pants were made this way. Simply dress your kid like you normally would, then adjust the waistband & ankles to fit the bodysuit, sweater, jacket, etc...

Over time, our Little Yogi pants can become 3/4 pants and look simply awesome. By the way, if you are wondering what size to order, we have prepared a very practical size guide.


Grow with me pants for your baby and child by Little Yogi