Lion Head

A bit of history: In the heart of the pandemic, with some time on my hands, I think about all the things I would like to develop with Little Yogi. For months, I have been thinking about a project in my head;

A LY decoration line.

I love everything that has to do with textures, baskets, and raw materials. I am enchanted by small hand-woven animals. What if we developed our own decorations? What if we collaborated with true artisans who have the knowledge? What if we could make a difference with this project?

So we made contact with a non-profit organization that fights poverty, and together, we developed our first item with artisans from Ghana.

Our first hand-woven Lion head.

Then by Three works to empower artisans to lift themselves out of poverty. They have developed the formula: 10x3, meaning that if they buy 10 items from an artisan over the course of 3 years and help them to invest their prosperity wages (2.5 times the local fair trade for the item) into 3 businesses, they can graduate from the program and become completely self-sufficient from a cash flow perspective. These are concrete actions to have a real impact in fighting poverty.

This is just a first step, a test product.

By buying this lion head, you are contributing to a fairer and more just world. You will also have all the necessary information to see who wove your lion head and even get in touch with the person.

Limited quantity.


No exchanges or returns.

Pick-up possibility in L'Assomption

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